The Great Exhibition

One of the reasons for holding a Steampunk convention was to allow people to display their creations. The VSS has long championed the democratisation of art and seek to encourage imagination, creativity, ingenuity and skill.

The Great Exhibition is always a popular feature and 2019 will be no different. If you have work you would like to exhibit please bring it along to Constance Stewart Hall between 10am and 11am on Friday.

You will be directed to where the exhibition is being set up and the steward in charge will be able to direct you.

During the course of the weekend people are invited to exhibit:

  • 3D Objects: contraptions, devices, props and items
  • 2D Pictures
  • Steambears

Please also bring along a card with a description of no more than 100 words about your submission. Please put your name and mobile number on the reverse of the card.

*PLEASE NOTE: You will require a wristband to enter Constance Stewart Hall, so only Festival participants are able to enter the Exhibition.

Submitting work for the Awards

Since the first Asylum we have made awards for exceptional work. You do not have to submit your work for consideration for these awards if you do not wish to.

If you do not then simply mark the front of your card with “Exhibit Only”. The aim is not to judge people’s work but to be able to celebrate excellence.

If you do want to be considered for the awards then it is vitally important that the piece is not identifiable as yours and that it has not been exhibited before (including posting pictures of it online.) This is a “blind” exhibition and the committee must not be able to identify the artists. Medals etc are awarded on the merits of the work and we do not wish there to be any personal bias.

Submissions should be collected between 1pm and 3pm on Monday.

We are sorry but we cannot provide mains electricity for any piece.

Please note: We cannot supply art boards or wall space. If you are submitting a 2D piece then please bring along an easel or stand to display it please.

The Awards

The Steampunk world is so diverse and creative we found it impossible to divide up gadgets, gizmos, contraptions and mods into classes. Instead we will be awarding the following prestigious prizes for 3D work:

The Pugin Award for Craftsmanship

The Rossetti Award for Aesthetics

The Brunel Award for Spirit of Steampunk

The Jules Verne Award for Ingenuity

The Worth Award for Costume

For 2D works the winner will receive:

 The Ruskin Award

The Steambear will win the Steambear Medal and be named as British Steambear Ambassador 2019.

There will be certificates of commendations and rosettes in the above classes too.

Awards will be announced and made at the closing ceremony.

Good luck!

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