Tea Duelling

Tea duelling has taken the world by storm and is being played at steampunk events across the globe.

Here in the UK, the home of tea duelling, we are proud to run  two big competitions this year at The Asylum.

On Saturday we will have the Asylum 2019 Championship and on Sunday, the UK National Finals 2019. Who will win these coveted titles?

To enter the Asylum Championship please send an email HERE with Tea Duel Entry in the subject line.  Include your name, name you wish to compete under and a mobile phone contact number.

Sixteen names will be drawn by lot and entered in the competition and you will receive an  email confirming your participation on the Tuesday prior to the event.

You should make yourself known to the Tiffin team fifteen minutes before your event starts.  Failure to show or a late showing will incur a disqualification. Your place may be given to a member of the audience who will be considered to be your “second” under Association rules.

If you are a winner of a qualifying competition (i.e. one which was run in accordance with the Honourable Association Rules and pre-registered as a qualifying event ) then please email as above changing the subject title to Tea Duel Winner and make sure you include details of what qualifying competition you won, where, when and who ran it. The organiser of the competition should have forewarned us of your qualification.

Competitions will run strictly according to the Articles of the Association available here: http://teaduel.yolasite.com/the-rules.php

The winner of Saturday’s competition will be afforded the title of Asylum Tea Duel Champion 2019. They will also be entitled to compete on Sunday for United Kingdom Title.

The format of the competition will be declared on the day.

Good luck and happy dunking!

Please note you must have an appropriate Asylum wristband to be able to enter the venue to take part in the competition.

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