Meet the MoS – Stunt Ali

Who are you?

Alison , wife of the Safety Elf, High Priestess of Cthulhu’s Witnesses

What do you do as part of the MoS to make the Festival happen?

I provide the countdown posts on Facebook ! But I am proud to organise the Stewards. The unsung heroes of The Asylum, the brave band of Stewards who are running here, there and everywhere, putting on wristbands, helping with events, amazing people.

What is your full time job/profession?

My day job is working as a chef in a Children’s nursery.

Why are you involved in the MoS?

I am rubbish at running away. ! Honestly ? Look at the magic, who wouldn’t want to help out with the fantastic endeavors of the MoS ? I feel very strongly that everyone should feel that they belong, helping people achieve that is enough to make it worthwhile.

Where can people find you during the Festival?

On event control. You need information? You’ve lost something ? You need evening event tickets ? You want merchandise? I can probably help you, or point you in the right direction. Sunday night , you will find me getting Chromed by V2A.

What is your highlight of the Festival?

All of it ! Seeing happy, smiling laughing exhausted people wandering the streets , and catching the eye of someone and thinking we did it !

For full transparency the team are all unpaid, however they all get a bed in the student accommodation at BGU (including breakfast on the rare days they are not working by that time) and one lunch on the Tuesday after the Festival, by way of celebration. They all pay their own meals, transport and out of pocket expenses to attend and work the Festival. They will be on duty from Thursday to Monday and many will be on site from Tuesday prior to the Festival. 

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