Meet the MoS – Lady M

Who are you?

Lady M / The Gin Lady / Malika (answer to most things, but don’t call me Baby!!!)

What do you do as part of the MoS to make the Festival happen?

I run Lincoln Castle as a venue. I can also be found walking around with gin and rum as part of the evening fringe programme. In the background I get involved in the application and programming side of things, as well as working with that Rostov chap to keep the website updated (he keeps it working and I keep it full of content).

What is your full time job/profession?

I am Head of Marketing at the National Space Centre. However, I also trade at events, make bustles and jewellery and run gin events around the UK (I occasionally sleep as well!)

Why are you involved in the MoS?

I attended the very first Asylum as a punter and my event organisation brain started running riot… I chatted to a random chap in the Victoria pub, who then introduced himself at the Festival Director… the rest is history.

Where can people find you during the Festival?

During the day I will be in the grounds of Lincoln Castle (the big stone walls make it difficult to leave). I will be found with booze (NOT Gordon’s) most evenings… giving it away!

What is your highlight of the Festival?

Working with such amazing people to make it happen. I have an event organising brain, so when all you awesome people get excited with new and unique ideas I just want to make them happen. The MoS is my support group for my Steampunk event addiction. I watch people spend a whole year making, creating, planning, writing, painting, drawing, building etc. to make this event happen… it makes me so happy to be in the midst of all of that and help facilitate the madness. You get out as much as you put in, so I get friendship, happiness and joy in massive brassy piles (not the painful type!) xxx

For full transparency the team are all unpaid, however they all get a bed in the student accommodation at BGU (including breakfast on the rare days they are not working by that time) and one lunch on the Tuesday after the Festival, by way of celebration. They all pay their own meals, transport and out of pocket expenses to attend and work the Festival. They will be on duty from Thursday to Monday and many will be on site from Tuesday prior to the Festival. 

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