Haven Outpost

25-27 June 2021 (Northwood)

Haven Outpost – First Light is a post apocalyptic style immersive weekend, with themed camps and our home base of “Bartertown”.

Participants are encouraged to fully immerse themselves by dressing and camping in a PA style, however, regular camping and quiet camping with kids are also available closer to the site boundary.

Join talks, workshops, games, road run, vehicle features and live entertainment, including performances from Flesh Tetris.

Bartering is a way of life, with anybody being able to trade for goods using our special bottle cap supported currency which can be redeemed for cash.

Anybody wishing to trade selling items for hard currency directly  must be registered as a trader (PM the event on Facebook to apply).

The site is well enough away from civilisation for you to enjoy total immersion, but also reasonably close to the Hack Green Nuclear Bunker where the road run is projected to run to. Admission to the bunker for a tour can be arranged at an additional fee.

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Weekend wristbands are £29 for the weekend inclusive of camping etc. If you are bringing a gas guzzler (PA’d car, buggy, motorcycle, van, or truck) send the organisers a picture on social media for a discount code giving £10 off towards your fuel. Kids at nursery or primary school are free. 11s-16s are £15.