Rayguns Anonymous

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24th August 2019 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Constance Stewart Hall
Longdales Rd
Lincoln LN1 3DY

If like esteemed maker Peter Harrow you have a totally healthy obsession with making and/or owning rayguns and other portable weapons of mass destruction? Then this is for you!

Join Herr Doktor and Peter Harrow, Esq in a surgery discussing designing and building rayguns and in the legal issues surrounding their display and use.

The audience are cordially invited to bring their own rayguns and raygun projects for the edification of the public and to discuss build or modification issues.

WARNING: The organisers do not accept any responsibility for accidental (or even intentional) immolation, disintegration or other lethal or near lethal event following the discharge of any ray gun demonstrated in the course of this item.”