Exploring Steampunk! Documentary on The Asylum and Steampunk culture

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23rd August 2019 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
The Robert Hardy Building
Longdales Rd
Lincoln LN1 3DY

Filmed over the course of 4 years, the innovative documentary, Exploring Steampunk! takes the audience on an exciting journey through Steampunk culture.

Narrated by Dene ‘Major Q’ Woodman, we dive straight into the chemistry of the local splendid Steampunk group called the Lincoln Steampunk Society to see what makes their cogs turn and shine.

Exploring Steampunk! then goes across the United Kingdom to deliver a heartwarming but informative piece on the origins of steampunk, the fashion, and what it truly means to “Be Splendid”.

The documentary also showcases what exciting activities and events are available at The Asylum and how far the festival grown.

Made in Lincoln, this un-missable cinema experience also travelled to Las Vegas to interview the head of the Vegas Steampunk Soceity Kenneth “Doc Phineas” Kastler on his discovery of steampunk and what makes the culture so inclusive to everyone.

The audience also get to watch an exclusive performance of Steampowered Giraffe at their first UK gig during The Asylum of 2016.

Before the adventure can begin, film maker, professional photographer, and stand up comedian, Sophie Lavender presents a short talk on the immersive power of Steampunk and what she has learned since very closely working with various steampunk groups over the years of production – going from a muggle who couldn’t polish a cog to someone who has bitten the brass and got the bug.