Dr Quack

The Practical Airship Riggers Companion

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24th August 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Constance Stewart Hall
Longdales Rd
Lincoln LN2 2JS

All aspiring Airship Crewpersons need a working knowledge of the various uses to which ropes and cordage are put on board even the smallest of craft. With this in mind, come and try out a bit of practical marlinspike knotwork with Dr Quack as he shows you how you go about “learning the ropes”.

Making your own lanyards and braids is a most satisfying way to put the finishing touch to an outfit or gizmo and many styles can be picked up in short order as the steps involved are very simple and it is the repetition of a pattern that builds a tasty looking finished object.