Ei8ght A Steampunk Opera

23rd August 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 10:00 pm
The Venue
Lincoln LN1 3DY

Charli Egglington wowed audiences at the Major’s Soirée in 2019. This year we have invited her back to bring a special concert version of her amazing new Steampunk Opera Ei8ht. With her talented cast she presents presents a brand new, original musical odyssey, fusing opera and musical theatre with a mechanical, steampunk twist.

“Ed is the eldest son of the Leale crime family in Sicily, in the 1920s. Rather than embrace his mafia ties, he runs away to New York to fulfil his dream of building steampunk airships. Once he gets there, circumstance leads him on a downward spiral, constructing his own steampunk robot mafia and becoming worse than his family ever was…”

This is an exclusive opportunity for a select audience to see the show outside London. Charli is destined for great things so don’t miss Ei8ht at The Asylum.

This is a fully seated show.