Enter the Imaginarium

Saturday 27 August (doors 19:00/ start 20:00) 
Charlotte House

Take your seat for an evening in the Imaginarium (buffet dinner included).

Join artist, photographer and Steampunk, Gary Nicholls, to discover the trilogy so far, and how you can get involved.

This is a sit down dinner event where the host, Gary Nichols, will invite you into his creative world, tell stories, answer questions and talk about the future of the Imaginarium project.



Graphic novels are nothing new, but Gary Nicholls has taken the concept of graphic storytelling to a new level with The Imaginarium, a steampunk saga told in the form of fine art images made from his photographs. He’s published one book in the series with two more to follow.

The characters in this visual tale are portrayed by a large cast of real steampunks, many from the Asylum Steampunk Festival in Lincoln, UK. For location shots, he traveled to places around the UK, as well as New York City, Barcelona, Cambodia, Poland, Greece, and Portugal. Scenes are carefully planned, staged, and lit; he typically spends 100 to 350 hours producing each image. The project involves extensive compositing in Adobe Photoshop.

Book One, Eva’s Story, features more than 150 images. Released in 2016 at the Asylum festival, the book took four years to complete. It’s described as a Dickensian tale “about one woman’s journey from ruination to salvation, saving the world from a powerful nemesis.”

Craftmaker Peter Walton created custom props and gadgets for the project. He also portrays Dr William Percival Stockdale, one of the main characters. Julie Walton, who portrays Eva Elizabeth Lovelace, created some of the costumes.

“It’s a vital point that everyone in my art is a genuine steampunk,” he says. “There are no ‘models.’ They are people playing characters.”