Meet the MoS – Lady Elsie

Who are you?

Elsie Tinker

What do you do as part of the MoS to make the Festival happen?

I organise the trading part of the event, Which is sometimes very near a full time job. I encourage Tinker with some of his ideas, and support him with cups of tea and biccies. ( although that did lead to inventing Tea Duelling with Dr Geoff). I also attend the many meeting in Lincoln throughout the year, along with John. Working with our venues to allow us all to come and play.

What is your full time job/profession?

I work as a self employed historical costume maker/costume designer and run wardrobe departments for T.V.

Why are you involved in the MoS?

Someone had to help John set up the first event 11 years ago and I did not say NO quick enough !

Where can people find you during the Festival?

Usually based at B.G.U. but I do get out in the evenings to the other events.

What is your highlight of the Festival?

Seeing a years work come to fruition, and the hundreds of happy smiling people, knowing they are having a good time because of you. And having a large gin on Monday evening. xx

For full transparency the team are all unpaid, however they all get a bed in the student accommodation at BGU (including breakfast on the rare days they are not working by that time) and one lunch on the Tuesday after the Festival, by way of celebration. They all pay their own meals, transport and out of pocket expenses to attend and work the Festival. They will be on duty from Thursday to Monday and many will be on site from Tuesday prior to the Festival. 

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