Dead Dog Party Tickets Launched

The Dead Dog Party (for this year also renamed the abandoned carrot party in honour of vegetarians and vegans everywhere) is the traditional “Last Hurrah” of Weekend at the Asylum. Held on the final (Monday) night of the festival it began when people did not want to go home after the first event. The first Dead Dog was in Charlotte House. We are delighted to say that for the tenth anniversary we are returning to those roots.

This year’s Dead Dog will be held at Charlotte House and the Blue Room so we are going BACK TO THE ASYLUM!

There are a very limited number of tickets available for the indoor party as capacity is fixed. This allows you entry to Charlotte House and the Blue Room. Charlotte House is socialising and relaxing space. The Blue Room is music and dancing space. To try and recreate the magic of the first Asylum we will also be using the yard between the two buildings and the Victoria. If you just want to be part of the atmosphere you can grab yourself a FREE outdoor ticket. There will also be a pay as you eat barbecue in the yard.

So recreating Asylum I is the aim. Consider it re-enactment if you will 😁. Why not wear the outfit you wore to your first Asylum?

Oh – there may just be a special gift for people attending the Party and a special stamp for your passports too. 😉

Under 18s are welcome but we cannot offer a discounted price as capacity is fixed. Sorry

(Note: Tickets are priced at £9. They will go on sale at 2000hrs on Thursday August 9th)

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