About the MoS

The Ministry of Steampunk (MoS) was formed as a not-for-profit society dedicated to promoting steampunk within the UK. In the early years of Steampunk the people of Britain were clamouring for events to attend. The MoS was set up to create events for the community. The idea was simple. If active steampunks organise events then other steampunks in the UK can attend them if they wish. If this comes from within the community it is not just an attempt to “chase the brass pound” and make money from steampunks. The MoS strives to listen to the community and always invites feedback. We understand however that we cannot please all of the people all of the time. Our philosophy is simple –

(1) Listen to what people are asking for.
(2) Set up events which people may want to attend.
(3) Run them to the best of our ability.
(4) Try to raise money for charitable causes if we can.

There are currently just Eight full members of the society (MoS) who co-ordinate and organise activities, managing the day to day running of the society and working on events, features, exhibitions and other activities.