It’s WAR!

A Very Civil War


“A VERY CIVIL WAR” offers everything one could want from a political process: an unhelpfully worded referendum, ballots, campaigning, passion, corruption, universal suffrage (for anyone who can present a valid VOTER REGISTRATION card to Event Control at Westgate Academy, Lincoln from 26th to the 28th August 2016), hyperbole, tiny ID cards in which Doctor Geof will draw your face, as well as a plethora of fantastical campaign artwork by the mischievous instigator, topped off by the overwhelming suspicion that whatever the result is it won’t fix anything, whatsoever.

Created as a  mockery of referenda, “A VERY CIVIL WAR” is a large-scale interactive art piece. Like much of Doctor Geof’s work it is a light-hearted take on a more serious issue, designed to stimulate discussion whilst also bringing fun and humour to participants.

Like much of Doctor Geof’s work it also involves tea.

There will also be a rally on Sunday in the Castle at 4pm

To find out where Dr Geof is during the weekend he has kindly provided us with the GEOF-LOCATOR-TRON 5000 which we have installed below…

Geof-locator-tron 5000