Cathedral Centre

Cathedral Centre

For one weekend only the 13th Century Cathedral Centre will become the Steampunk Embassy, home of the Ministry of Steampunk!

This new venue is home to our community outreach programme and is the place to go to find out more. Exhibitions, talks, authors, artists and members of the community are all on hand to answer questions and help with the eternal debate of; “What is Steampunk?”

We may not find all the answers, but we can certainly host the debate and facilitate the tea-making.

Just some of the things to see and do here include:

  • Dystopian Wars Gaming
  • Shades Photography Exhibition
  • Tom & Nimue Brown
  • Exhibition, including work by Herr Döktor
  • Cactus Illustrations
  • Authors, including Sam Stone, David Howe and Steve Turnbull
  • Talks, including a daily Steampunk 101
  • Graphic Novels and comics
  • Hashtag Social Media Printer (Saturday only)

Comic creators Colin Mathieson & Dave West make their Asylum debut with Accent UK’s award-winning range of comics, anthologies & graphic novels including steampunk influenced Stephenson’s Robot and the acclaimed wild west demon hunting WesterNoir series.

Flintlock is an ongoing anthology set in the Eighteenth Century, featuring highwaymen, pirates and more. Each story takes place at some point between 1701 and 1800 with all the characters co-existing in a shared historical timeline.  Flintlock has been conceived by Steve Tanner who writes the stories, and the incredible talents of Anthony Summey, Lorenzo Nicoletta and Ed Machiavello, who have produced the art. “This is one fine looking book, and offers its readers a polished, professional, immensely entertaining read from cover to cover.” – Pipedream Comics


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